Residence Management System

The resident Management System helps the Committee Members and Facility Team to manage end to end site and communication with the residents which each resident views and participates through their Android/ IOS Mobile APP. The features for the resident Management are as follows:

  • Helpdesk Management
  • Notices nad Curricular
  • Booking of Facilities

Account Billing and Automation

Our Accounting system has been designed just like the most used software in the industry in order to ensure ease us use with all possible features for a society. Year End Audit becomes easy as Income and Voucher Accounting Entries are automatic. All financial reports available from cash book to the final balance sheet

  • Smart and Simple Accounting
  • Online Bill Genertaion
  • Payment Gateway

Security and Reliability

Housing Society gives data security and information privacy the utmost importance. Following are the measures that are taken towards the same.

  • Security
  • SSL
  • User Credential
  • Terma snd Services
  • Data Access Procedure
  • Penetration Test
  • Reliability
  • Server Architecture

Society Talk and House konnect

Housing Society Social - The social platform Introduced for societies is SocietyTalk. It helps you connect with the neighbors within a community. It helps residents seek referrals on important topics /Interest based groups from each other. It helps Resident Welfare Associations manage the condos better.